Live Recording Samples

Diabolic Dialogue by Tomi Raisanen

Diabolic Dialogue is a great piece.  William Jason Raynovich and I had a great time performing it!  The composer, Tomi Raisanen, came to Chicago and spent some time with us.  He really liked our interpretation of the piece.  Right before the concert we did three very informal 'takes' and this is the result!

For Instance Mozart by Pablo Santiago Chin

Here is a piece that the MAVerick Ensemble commissioned by Pablo Santiago Chin.  It is for clarinet and cello and is titled: For Instance, Mozart.  This is a live performance from Pablo's Doctoral Recital at Northwestern in 2011.


Clarinet Sonata by William Jason Raynovich

As part of an event of the Chicago Composer's Forum, MAVerick Ensemble performed a few works on their concert. Here is the link to the page that contains the performances.  One in particular is really great.  It is William Jason Raynovich's clarinet sonata.  Part of the piece is in Eb!  Can you tell when the Eb is there?? 

Just for Fun!

I had the wonderful opportunity to play the Flight of the Bumble Bee with the Wheaton Warrenville South High School band.  A few of the clarinetists were my students and I also went to WWSHS so it was extra fun!!!

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